2022 lucid air dream edition r all-wheel drive price


2022 Lucid Air

High Alistair Weaver here in Lucid Air Dream range, with our fully independent instrumental test for Edmonds, we’re going to submit it to the same rigorous process we’ve recently applied to the Tesla model plaid and revian r1t to see if this car can really run 520 miles on a single charge.

To find out the world-famous yes world-famous Edmunds is going to test the Real World Range because EPA claims that if it does it will surpass the Mercedes EQ as our new range leader and the first production car to top 500 miles and here on our test track, we are going to find out.

2022 lucid air dream edition r all-wheel drive price

As a clear claim that this luxurious sedan of 930 horsepower can really make zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds and we are going to discover whether this competitor of Mercedes eqs and tesla model is worth your 170 grand money yes we probably gossiping a lot about pre-production version of this car Have you seen or read the press, but was it really a joke? Ball dream or an inconsistent nightmare in reality this driver’s door seems to be stuck I’m hitting Lucid and that’s not the point at all and we’re going to repeat the infamous Edmund steering tear to find out if Lucid is better than the wheel Tesla yoke.

2022 About Lucid Air

The outspoken company was originally founded in 2007 by Peter Rollinson, former vice president of Tesla Engineering but it has been kicked back in the last decade by the first Saudi billionaire and then a special purpose acquisition company. Or think of it as the Tesla Rebirth minus the Elon and the Tesla. Today it’s worth about 40 40 billion, almost as much as the Revan, so that’s right now if you’re honest.


Drove but Lucid kept repaying our official loan because they knew we wanted to check the full test number and an eve range and that means waiting for a finished car it’s a production press car and it’s about 9000 miles this week Before it came to us it was actually back at a Lucid factory so they say and we say you can buy the dream represents the launch version of Lucid and the former focus on performance comes in two forms and range see what they did there and because of the public relations 1111 The range version of the horsepower is designed to give Lucid a headline grab EPA rating here.

2022 lucid air dream edition r all-wheel drive price

At 500 miles it has two electric motors, one on the front and one on the rear for a combined 933 horsepower which is 101 horsepower less than a Tesla Plaid but double what you get in an Edmunds top-rated gas-powered sedan. The Mercedes S-Class and Lucid’s Fuel Shipping Excellent It has a small 19-inch reel rim that helps reduce rolling resistance. We’re testing the straight line here today but we politely declined that we think most luxury sedan buyers won’t get extra room to sit in their garage unless they must be Jay Leno but he probably got a chat for Lucy in 0.7 seconds. Good for -60 but you know.

2022 Lucid Air: Walk-around

It will take some time to crunch the numbers as always so let’s get some clarity on it. Now let’s start with the look. These things are always thematic but I think it looks great. I’ve been driving a car for a long time that got so much attention there are some really great details here these small ports actually breathe through the nose and then get out of here Come out now if I think correctly Ferrari is the first company to introduce this kind of technology in road cars but they do it more for downforce I think Lucid is really doing it to reduce the drag coefficient to improve efficiency and therefore to improve range.


When we ride this car on 19-inch rims and get out of the car and we now have plenty of range I am accustomed to seeing more and more sidewalls inbuilt cars. In fact, there are lots of sculptures like them here, and in every bright air, you will find this kind of two-tone roof treatment which if you become clearer a darker color. Want to point at the light strip when I actually turn it on or if you use the brakes which is a really clever use of LED and if I can open the trunk and if I can open the trunk there then we go it is actually a clever lucid a much wider trunk opening system Although it is still quite shallow because you have obviously been able to play the wheels, which means you can keep some long objects here.

2022 lucid air dream edition r all-wheel drive price

For example, like a golf club, forgive me for a moment now. Open the back but it will actually get rid of the scooter. There is actually a nice large area. Bong has a very large front which is interesting because this car seems to be much better packaged than the Mercedes EQU. The EQs are bigger but less practical in how it works

2022 Lucid Air: Interior

Packaging Talent This car has a footprint like a Mercedes East class but it has more s-class inside and of course bigger than EQS which is the electric brother of s-class. And you can see that not only have I got a lot of headroom, I also have a lot of space for my knees now it’s a big distorted version of Lucid and consequently all the car on the floor below is filled with chemical cells but if you go for the entry-level model It will take about 80 000 at the time it will have less battery and as a result, you will get a nice little leg welder to plant your foot which means your knees will not go anywhere around your chin and before jumping forward I also wanted to talk about some Easter eggs which this car The funniest part of the little California bear throughout.

2022 lucid air dream edition r all-wheel drive price

And that’s because Tesla is headquartered in bright California, then there’s this weird little tripod on the roof that we’ve discovered is actually a microphone for the telephone in the car but our producers are pretty sure it’s actually the future Delorian from behind Doc Brown’s flux capacitor. I don’t know but it’s kind of cool inside my eyes at least it’s like a Porsche Tycoon and Tesla mix which is not really a bad thing because you hope touch has a real focus on on-screen technology but also some proper physical control I like the fan temperature and volume There are the right buttons for things like and these Tesla fanboys see these real analog controls for air vents so that someone owns a model three I think it’s a good thing I also like the way these screens communicate with each other let’s call you here navigation Want to do what you have in your eye line while driving but it’s a small screen so that’s where you’re going If you want to input it, you can drag it here.

2022 lucid air dream edition r all-wheel drive price

Enter where you want to go. Once you agree to go to a specific restaurant of your choice, you can simply swipe it again. Got what kind of color, you want to charge infrastructure drive mode, etc and if you swipe from the bottom to see it the whole thing disappears to reveal a cunning little cube then it goes back in place I think it’s really great but Let’s leave the gadget for a minute, what do we think of the overall interior, the environment is a bit like the exterior it has a nice mix of the future but still practical and intelligent this whole car seems like the CEO is an engineer and not a bizarre billionaire the way I like Playing different surfaces together makes the driving position better even though I’m sitting a little higher and it feels nice in space. There is water and thanks to this exaggerated glass roof you get a little too hot on a hot day and the aura spreads through the lines of my eyes is definitely a bit annoying

2022 Lucid Air: Range

Most of the headlines focus on the range but the performance of a car tells you how much it will cost to drive and we also measure Lucid using 28.3 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles in our range loop considering it a kind of mpg.

2022 lucid air dream edition r all-wheel drive price

This is more than the EPA claims but better than both, beating the Mercedes EXS450 Plus and Tesla Plaid EQS, especially the impressive 450 Plus with only one motor rear-wheel drive and 600 horsepower less than the all-wheel-drive Lucid.

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