First NAT-TEST Bangladesh Online Registration 2023

NAT-TEST Online Registration

1st NAT-TEST Online Registration

Since 1989, the Nat Test has been held to assess the Japanese language skills of foreigners. Which is currently organized almost all over the world. This test is done every 2 months. It is held 6 times a year. There is a total of 5 levels in the NAT test. Here the elementary level starts from N5. There are successively higher levels up to N4, N3, N2, and N1.

NAT-TEST Online Registration

The first NAT TEST exam of 2023 will be held on February 19 and the online registration process has already started to participate in this exam, please complete the registration quickly from the link.


The rules for nat test exam registration are given below. You must go to the website first. Then, first of all, fill up the level of the exam. Give your full name. After that enter your user email. After that select your gender. After that give your citizenship. After that, you have to give the month, day, and year of your birthday. After that enter your user’s mobile number. Finally, give a picture of yourself.

  • After the successful submission of your application, a page appears which includes an application tracking number. You have to preserve your tracking number.

  • You have to use the online method of payment (mobile gateway or card) using the tracking number.


NAT-TEST Online Registration Photo size

NAT-TEST Bangladesh Online Registration use formal photo 425 X 551 pixel (width X height)
and file size not more than 1 MB.


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NAT-TEST Online Registration


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