Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Full Movie, 480p, 720p, 1080p, Official Trailer

Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Full Movie

Kurdish Attam of Tin Ganesha Starring Atorva Priya Bhavani Shankar and Radhika Sarath Kumar Now in an early scene a little girl named Kanbani is seen taking care of a tree.

Kuruthi Aattam Official Trailer


Kuruthi Aattam release date

Here’s the Powerful Trailer of Action Entertainer Kuruthi Aattam. A Yuvan Shankar Raja Musical. Coming to Theatres Aug 05, 2022. Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Full Movie.
Production Banner: Rock Fort Entertainment.
Starring: Atharvaa, Priya Bhavani Shankar, ‘Datho’ Radha Ravi, Radhika Sarathkumar, Vatsan Chakravarthi, Kanna Ravi, Prakash Raghavan, ‘Baby’ Divyadarshini.

Writer-Director Sri Ganesh
Music Yuvan Shankar Raja
Produced by T.Muruganantham
Director of Photography Dinesh Purushothaman
Editor Anil Krish
Art Director Kumar Gangappan
Action Director Vicky
Lyrics Yugabharathi, Karthik Netha
Sound Design Sync Cinema
Sound Mixing Aravind Menon
Costumes Perumal Selvam
Colorist Prasath Somasekar
Publicity Design Kabilan
Stills Sathish
Co-Director Karthick S
PRO Suresh Chandra, Rekha D’one
Team Rockfort Karthik Ravivarma, KB Sriram, APV Maran
Trailer Cut Gokul Venkat, Anil Krish
Music on Five Star Audio

Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Full Movie

One of these trees has withered and someone says it is a lost cause. For we need help. Kuruthi Aattam Tamil full movie download.

Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Full Movie
Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Full Movie

The map is made but it’s very vague that the protagonist Atharva is an atheist, you can leave this aspect out of his personality and the story won’t be different, and what about Atharva’s statement that he doesn’t? Want to Lose Again is something that seems to have been written just to punch in that particular moment.

Kuruthi Aattam full movie

It adds nothing to the overall picture. The problem is that I think Sri Ganesh wanted to make it less of a full-on action feature. The narrative itself was built on these thoughts but I wished that the fast-paced Kuru Atom had dropped the philosophies and just stuck with the characters and the setting of the conflict is Madurai which is ruled by goons with no police as soon as Radhika and Radha meet.

Kuruthi Aattam full movie
Kuruthi Aattam full movie

Thanks to Ravi playing two of the biggest gangsters Kannarvi gets involved in this world you see a company player though we see a few matches again the exciting event can come apart from this game the film is basically a series.


Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Movie

The action set pieces but no emotional glue to bind them together Priya Bhavanishankar plays the typical love interest who is unsure about committing to a violent man again None of this is compatible The friendship between Kanarvi and Atharva is written very conveniently You know right away what’s coming or Atharva’s Take the best friends they move away from him when he gets arrested but no real reunion later we get a kid with a bad fever.

Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Movie
Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Movie

Silent Mother is all there The only relationship written with an iota of roots is between Atharva and his sister but again you can see what’s coming from a mile away and the poor sister gets no ending The narrative moves and fits the beginning and I couldn’t decide if it was Whether it’s because of the script or because parts were cut, it’s hard to root for either way, especially when they’re given very basic plot points like a pair of easily identified red shirts and an easily overheard phone conversation.

Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Movie

Not bad, but more effort could have been made to make the characters unique. Like maybe Radhika’s character has to be worse instead f like a Miley Stern motherly character maybe the idea was to underplay her and avoid Sarnaka gangster tropes but it doesn’t have the desired effect which saves the film to an extent is occasional staging and some cinematographer Dinesh.

Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Movie
Kuruthi Aattam Tamil Movie

Purushartham frames the most emotional shot of the film as a door opening and revealing a small hall with the heroine on his left To her right is a framed picture of a mother to her right we see her father who walks a limp in an instant and without any dialogue, we get an insight into this woman’s world it is a picture that speaks a thousand words otherwise we are left with a shell of a film that A thousand punches speak.

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