New Bikes 2022 – New motorcycles and scooters coming over 2022

New Bikes 2022 - New motorcycles and scooters coming over 2022

It’s a new year and it’s a full year in 2022 and if you’re in the market for a new two-wheeler, last year was a pretty eventful year for the bike market. But this year promises to be just as exciting if not all here There are new bikes and scooters that you can look forward to in 2022. New Bikes 2022 with detail.


With some really new machines as well as Evolution model year updates and special versions among all the new bikes, you have Street Fighter v2 which is basically a strip-down version of the Panigale v2 Supersport and is extremely exciting.

New Cars 2022 Upcoming hatchbacks anaNew Bikes 2022 - New motorcycles and scooters coming over 2022d sedans Ducati

Desert x which is Ducati’s first truly hardcore adventure bike that will be updated after a long time. Panigale, updated with new ergonomics and electronics changes, will get more hardcore SP variants by the end of the year and Naked Street Fighter v4. Also, an sp variant will be available in India this year. -The focused version that leaves us with only the special edition there are a few scramblers e scrambler 1100 tribute pro and scrambler 800 urban motards then there is Panigale v2 troy Bayless version which of course wears a lever inspired by the world spk championship-winning machine which is Troy Bayless Ride and X Diavel Poltrona has been edited. Collaboration with a luxury Italian furniture brand


Aprilia 660cc lineup 2022

Ducati’s co-competitor April is heading for April which will bring us the last remaining bike from its 660cc lineup to the 2rx660 Adventure Bike. As the twin-engine which is already being sold.


India continues with Europeans We have come to BMW which has a few models for us in 2022. New Bikes 2022.

New Cars 2022 Upcoming hatchbacks anaNew Bikes 2022 - New motorcycles and scooters coming over 2022d sedans BMW 850 gs BMW f750

It has rolled out internationally several new versions of its mega r18 cruiser r18b and r18 transcontinental which are both more travel-oriented and should come to India at more affordable prices this year. Should return to the Indian market.


We are moving on to BMW’s Indian partner TVS which has saved a lot for us this year. One of the most exciting nude bikes is based on the 310 cc platform which is a stripe co-developed with BMW.

The Down Apache should be similar to the rr310, and with similar bell and whistle features, TVS seems to be working on a new b2b electric scooter that has been tested with a rear luggage rack instead of a pillion seat, as well as a neo-retro scrambler style motorcycle Yamaha FZX.

Royal Enfield

Another Indian manufacturer that has saved a lot for us this year is Royal Enfield. Many of its upcoming models are already well known.

There’s a Roadstar-style motorcycle called the Hunter that’s what’s coming up and it’s probably called the Scram, a low-displacement machine that’s already been tested several times, and finally, there’s a chance that Royal Enfield will update its legendary Bullet with a new J-Platform engine. Which can already be seen in the new classics and meteors

Hero Motocorp


The ultimate Indian manufacturer whose plans for this year are quite clear is Hero Motor Corp will unveil its first electric scooter in March this year. The Xbox 204v Extreme 200s will enter fully fed street bikes.

Ather Energy

With another major investment in Ether Energy, Hero recently made headlines, with the Bangalore-based startup expected to roll out a new, more affordable e-scooter this year to embrace the likes of General Power and Ola Electric.



Elsewhere in the electric space, ultraviolet automotive will finally launch the electric motorcycle it revealed quite a long time ago the f77.



Swedish brand Husqvarna will launch its own electric scooter Vector based on the heavily updated Chetak yes updated Chetak because that electric scooter is on the verge of a more powerful motor power and more importantly a higher level of localization.


Husqvarna’s sister brand KTM also has something for us this year, the first being the new RC 390 which has been updated to be compatible with the new rc125 and rc200, as well as a new TFT display similar to the one seen on the 390 Duke.

KTM rc 390

The 390 nuke itself is up for an update and KTM has been seen testing a modified 390 adventure with a new wheel design so along with these two it is expected that KTM will bring a small possibility of bringing its own electric scooter the same as Vector and Chetak The good brand to follow the 790 Dukes for any KTM big bike on the platform did not indicate anything like that so we can only hope. New Bikes 2022.


Switching from orange to green we come to Kawasaki which will bring us an updated version of its verses 650 adventure tourer complete with a much-needed TFT display similar to that seen on the z650 and the ninja 650.


we haven’t heard anything about the w175 in a while so the status of that project remains unclear perhaps Kawasaki is having second thoughts about how well that bike will do in India.


We know that one car that is sure to arrive is a new Suzuki electric scooter that could probably be based on Bergman and called Bergman Electric.


The brand is also working on a v-Strom 250 adventure bike that can share its engine 250cc gixxers finally The Japanese manufacturer could expand its portfolio of big bikes in India by launching the Katana the gsx s1000 and its gt version, all of which were updated using the same 999cc inline 4 engine. The gsx models were launched internationally last year.


Another big player in the Big Bike market is a victory and it brings us the which is an adventure tour based on the Trident 660.

New Cars 2022 Upcoming hatchbacks anaNew Bikes 2022 - New motorcycles and scooters coming over 2022d sedans Triumph Tiger 1200 Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Opposite the road you have the Tiger 1200 which is Triumph’s flagship adventure bike It has recently received a massive update with a new engine concept chassis and electronics and it will arrive in 2022.



Benelli’s 2022 plans include the relaunch of the Leon geno 250 which shares its engine with the recently launched trk-251 that will update the TNT 600 which will also include new styling and new materials among the popular changes here in India and finally the trk 800 which A relatively new bike is an adventure tour that has not been sold before in India.



Finally, we have Harley Davidson from which we get the updated 2022 Pan America Pub which will get a new color scheme and make some modifications to its TFT display. This year in India so there you have a list of new models that are coming our way this year. New Bikes 2022.

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