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rocketry the nambi effect

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Full Movie

I had the privilege and honor to watch the first show of the first day yesterday although the first show was quite late in the afternoon what I was happy to see was almost occupying the theater I first saw the Hindi version of this film and started saying that we have I applaud our motherhood for bringing this up now it has been our maternity dream project for quite some time now and you will understand when you look at this picture that motherhood has told itself how good research is.

Rocketry Hindi Movie

He did not take any creative liberties in narrating the story and the film is an accurate representation of what happened in the life of Mr. Nabi his statement is found to be the absolute truth because of the treatment of this film and the way the story has been told. Sojasapta says it’s no-nonsense and we’ve already seen it in the first trailer where you can see our mom and Sharokina sitting next to each other. There’s an interview format that’s going on so the movie is called Mr. Khan as an interviewer telling his whole life story. There is also a severe difference in the description of the first half and the film in the second half of this firm establishes a pre-interval. Overall Namir’s character and his huge drive to do something as a scientist shows us that not only do we see how intelligent he is but we also see how much he was an out-of-the-box thinker after the movie break. In a much more emotional and humane way, it would show a completely different aspect of Mr. Namir’s life and the scandal that his family also went through.

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Full Movie

The Nambi Effect

I personally thought the story was very well presented overall. A lot of truth though I certainly want to deny the claim that viewers haven’t seen the film yet and that there are some sequences in the first half where you might think there’s a lot of okay there because of the data overload now the scientific terms used are of course our mother as a director He could have taken the call that he could have presented those scenes but I personally think you know how to give this character more authenticity. Perhaps the scenes had to be presented in this particular way because, in reality, it sounds exactly like two scientists talking to each other so yes you probably won’t get any entertainment value from these scenes but it puts a lot more context about it.

Nambi Effect

Character but for those who have seen please let me know if you felt while watching it that the screenplay of the right places is getting a little more technical for you in the comments below the screenplay of this film focuses mostly on your thoughts and professional side of his life maybe I will talk about film And or based on his personal life which we see in the second half of the film where he is involved in that scandal and how much his family has suffered with it. He told his wife and they all broke up he hugged his wife and told her dialogue and apologized to her saying that the whole scene is one of the best scenes in this movie it was played very well by our mom and I just breathed in that scene Closed and my personal favorite scene is the very last scene in this photo Where you see two scientists one is, of course, Mr. Namdi and the other is another scientist who works for NASA and showing it is like a paradox and it is so powerful that the whole visual is so powerful it shows how different Mr. Namdi’s life would have been if he had accepted NASA’s proposal. And that whole scene was so powerful for me that I almost held my breath and forced myself to think about how different my God is as a person.

Nambi Narayanan Movie

His life became a single decision and yes now at this moment he has been given back all the respect and love and all that with that compensation but it will still make you think that it is enough towards the end of this movie because you have already lost all that time. Where you know he had to go through all these dramas and not just him but his whole family where you know if it weren’t for him he would probably be the director of ISRO at this point. Time and you know that at the end of it it will make you feel a little guilty and that’s where I thought the caption of this movie sometimes when a man is wrong the race is wrong it holds the happiest one truth yesterday was the moment when the movie ended Was and was whistling and clapping for Mr. Number in the theater I wish I could record it but I didn’t personally.


Rocketry The Nambi Effect

Rocketry The Nambi Effect

It made me so happy that it had this positive energy and we were leaving the theater with a smile on our faces but also with a lot of awareness and that’s what I thought you know some of the flaws in the screenplay when the actual effect is all right the movie is delivered this way I think the work done and we have to congratulate Mr. R. Madhavan completely and singly for this before I talk about our motherhood and what he pulled out I want to talk a little bit about you first I started with VFX as well as technical aspects It all sounded great. It didn’t seem fake to me. The second time I came to Sound Design, there are certain moments.

Rocketry Tamil Movie

There are some moments where I literally jumped. It was pretty good but throughout the whole movie, I didn’t think it was out of this world or anything else. Really great but there are some sequences in bits and pieces where BGM really stands out in terms of acting and editing I think it was just because you know you are presenting a biopic so you have to load it with a lot of information because you have to show a person a whole lifetime Although I would say that it pulls a bit in some places like the screenplay there are no major complaints out there that really frustrated me and when I first saw it I was a bit scared the trailer and I really think I raised my concerns for this particular bit and unfortunately It’s true that you know acting foreign actors it’s just stuck like a sore thumb for me if you don’t feel it but watching the movie for me it’s great but for me you know when you were all foreign actors you know their line It didn’t feel like a normal scene.

R Madhavan Rocketry

R Madhavan Rocketry

You can just see that you know they’re acting in it. They’ve illuminated their conversation. They don’t really understand that the character is sad because the other actors were acting so well it’s just foreign actors who are completely stuck like a sore thumb if you don’t feel so great for yourself personally I felt it but this movie show thief Mothman means he is the director he is the writer he is the main lead actor and he just you know that his performance in the role of Mr. Namir is a chess kiss it’s best our mother whom I saw on screen he is so convinced of this character that at one point I forgot only I forgot that She was our mother and you can see how her expression changed as a scandal. You know it takes a toll on her health and her gate her body posture the way she says the dialogues everything was perfect and besides I have to appreciate the makeup artist and anyone who has done artificial tricks for her our work and this post is going to be absolutely incomplete if I am not mentioning an actor of Shah Rukh Khan whom I admire so much.

Rocketry Movie Online

It is a great pleasure to see him on a brick screen after all this time and he has a cameo that looks incredible but you will feel his screen presence throughout the movie because his seats have been broken and strategically and So beautifully set up and he is definitely playing himself only he is not playing any character he is only playing the role of Shahrukh Khan. The movie and I know we have Surya in the Tamil version who I am sure could have done a great job and these two actors have not charged a penny for this role as far as the news goes and you know Shah Rukh is not ok, no you don’t know Just as small roles are equally important and given a lot of importance at the end, I would really encourage viewers to see this film in the theater if you can because it is important to us. This is not a movie for entertainment. It is a movie that is needed for educational purposes. Say we are extremely sorry as a nation we are sorry and you are the one he went through the pain Don’t know anything but all we can do is sincerely apologize to him as a country and on that note, I will end this post here please let me know if you have seen this movie in the comments below…

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